Friday, August 27, 2010

Most Bizzare/weird hats

Everyone likes a good hat to cover their heads. A hat will shade us from the sun and can even make a statement about our personality. Then there are the people that wear the weirdest hats anyone has ever seen.

Bathroom Hat

No reason to make a stop at the bathroom when you are wearing this hat. If you really like the style of your bathroom, but don’t want to invite people over to see it. Design a hat to show it off.
 Are you going to wear this one?

The Ashtray Hat

Want to make a statement about smoking? Then try this hat on for size. Your message might be read loud and clear.
 this might be quiet good for men

The Pretzel Hat

If you are a pretzel lover, then you might like this hat.

The Squid Hat

Have a certain affliction for a sea creature? If the squid is you favorite see animal or you just like calamari, then maybe you would like to wear this hat.

Turkey Hat

I am sure there are many of us out there that love a good Thanksgiving dinner, but not many of us would show up to the family function wearing one of these.

The Couch Hat

There is only one way that you can show off your favorite piece of furniture and this is the hat to do it. Maybe you are looking for cheap furniture online? Then right price furniture is a great choice. They offer white, oak ,pine and french bedroom room packages.

The Martini Glass Hat

If you like your hats like you like your drinks, shaken and not stirred, then you will love showing off your favorite drink in this hat.

The Toilet Paper Roll Hat

Always have a runny nose? Or do you have the same problem everyone else has with never being able to find the toilet paper when you need it?

 A double purpose hat isn't?

The Flamingo Hat

This hat was made for the proud Floridian, where the Flamingos are plenty.

The Bug Hat

This is for the people who are obsessed with bugs, or the movie The Fly.

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