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Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Not sure what dog to buy or what dog suits your socialite personality? Try browsing on the some of the most expensive dog breeds that will sure make your way to dog-owner stardom. These dogs are expensive mostly because of their rarity and impressing characteristics.
Traditionally, the specie of dogs is considered one of the friendly animals living in our planet. In fact, the common normative view implicated by our society towards their kind is the popular notion – “man’s best friend”. Not surprisingly, many people decide to take care of a dog for many different reasons, such as (1) companionship, (2) family practice – especially couples who are planning to set in together, (3) breeding purposes and (4) to promote their luxurious image.
10th: Last but not the least, the tenth most expensive dog breed is the famous celebrity toy dog, which costs around $500 to $2100, the Pomeranian.

Most dog owners love the attitude of Pomeranians. Its characteristics of being playful and friendly towards humans are the principal reasons for its popularity. Pomeranians are gentle by nature and typically bred under cold temperaments.

9th:  The ninth most expensive dog breed is famed working dog from Western portion of United States, which costs around $900 to $2000, the Australian Shepherd.
The Australian Shepherd also known as Aussie is the famous dog breed found in the Western ranches of United States. Aussies have surged its popularity after the World War II due to their participations in rodeos, horse shows and other ranch-associated movies of the twentieth century.

8th:  The eight most expensive dog breed is the playful and best “man friend image”, which costs around $300 to $3500, the Golden Retriever.
The Golden Retriever is the original American hunting dog that is usually trained using the popular retrieve or fetching game; hence, being named after its favorite activity. Retrievers are likely to become detection dogs or even guide dogs due to their enhanced senses and intelligence. It is one of the most popular and in-demand dog breeds in United States, which consequently made itto the position as one of the most expensive dog breeds.

7th:  The seventh most expensive dog is the only purple-tongued dog breed, which costs around $1300 to $3500, Cream Chow Chow.
The dog breed, Chow Chow, has first originated from Mongolia about 4,000 years ago. The breed is one of the 14 ancient dogs that have existed in the past upto the present. Chow Chow literally means a puffy-lion, which greatly describes their elegant and royal double-coats. Aside from its different color versions of cinnamon, red, black and blue, cream Chow Chow is considered the most expensive type of its kind. Why is Cream Chow Chow expensive? DNA analysis of Chow Chow confirms its genes as the oldest recognizable dog breed, which exited even in 150 B.C. Its historical figure and rarity of its color have become the main value of its breed.

6th:  The sixth most expensive dog is the small dog from the terrier category, which costs around $800 to $3000, Yorkshire Terrier.
Unlike other terrier breeds, Yorkshire or also known as Yorkie is a long-haired breed with distinct characteristics, such as being playful, sensitive and enthusiastic. Yorkies can be very much attached to their masters especially if they have been under their care during their puppy years. Another distinct characteristic of Yorkshire is their intellect, which is in fact above average compared to the average working dogs. According to Dr. Stanley Coren, with only 15 approximate repetitions of a given comman, Yorkies are likely to follow it with a rate of 70% or better. This is just one of the main reasons while Yorkies are one of the in-demand dog breeds in the United States.

5th: The fifth in the rank is a larger dog breed originating from Japan’s Akita Prefecture, which costs around $1500 to $3500, Akita Inu.
Akita Inu is a large breed of dog that weighs around 34-50kg for females and 34-54kg for males. It is usually available in five different colors: red, Fawn, Sesame, Brindle, and Pure White. Similar to chow chows, the pure white version of Akita is known as the rarest version of its kind; hence, also considered as the most expensive type of Akita.

4th: The fourth is the smallest among the terrier kinds, which costs around $2,000 to $3,000, Norfolk Terrier.
Norfolk Terriers are proportionately formed type of dogs wherein agility, bone density and body frame are all coordinated together to best suit the playful and fun character of the dog. Norfolk Terriers first became fashionable among the girls of Cambridge University in England.  Why is it expensive? Norfolk terrier is relatively a rare kind of dog that is very difficult to breed due to its small body frame. The usual puppies produced per conception amounts to three or four, which somehow suggests a higher price configuration for the breeder.

3rd:The third on the list is the small version of Spaniel type breeds, which costs around $800 to $3,500, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavalier Spaniels are well-suited as toy dogs due to their furry coat and human-attachment factor. In fact, Cavalier Spaniel is considered as one of the most intelligent dogs that can be easily trained in doing various dog tricks. This toy dog is also considered as one of the largest toy breeds with weight growth of up to 4.5 and 8.5 kg (10 and 18 lb) and height of 29 and 33 cm (12-13 inches).
These types of breeds are expensive due to their unique dog characteristics. The dog breed has its four recognized colors, specifically (1) Blenheim or the chestnut or creamy whitish fur coat, (2) Tricolor version, (3) Black and tan, and (4) ruby. However, unlike other color-based dogs, such as Chow chows, that greatly affect the pricing of the dog, Cavalier Spaniel still maintains its luxurious character at any form of color. According to history, even King Charles II owned his first two Cavalier Spaniels.

2nd:  The second on the list is the popular British-born dog breed, which costs around $2000 to $5000, the Bulldog or colloquially known as English Bulldog or British Bulldog.

Despite of its English nature, Bulldog is very much popular in United States as one of the most common pet availed by males. According to psychologists, bulldogs illustrate a harmless and masculine imagery compared to other forms of skinless and hard-to-maintain dogs. In 1568, bulldogs are bred in England by crossing the Mastiff and a Pug breeds.

Why is it expensive? Well, aside from its popularity in United States, a Bulldog is also considered as an important symbol of United Kingdom in general, especially in England. Its influence to American societies, such as the United States Marine Corps and numerous institutions, has brought its popularity in sky-high levels eventually affecting the public demand.
1St:  The first on the list is the world’s famous and exquisitely rare breed called Samoyed, which costs around $3000 to $8000.
As seen in the top image, the puppy Samoyed is one of the most delicate and sensitive pet to handle due to their great deal of requirements. Food, shelter, room temperature and relationship with their master are all critical to their development.
This huge (Males: 20-32.5 kg or 44-65 lb; Females 17-25 kg or 37-55 lb) white, always smiling and sweet Samoyed dogs are incredibly rare breeds of dogs, which happened to become obsolete after the Russian Revolution in 1917. So, why is it expensive? Simply because Samoyed are one of the 14 ancient dogs who happened to be around for the last 3,000 years (Derr, 2004). In addition, their kind is considered rare already due to the low number of breeders interested and capable of maintaining the expensive maintenance of this dog.


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