Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Hilarious Wallet Designs

Money Wallet

Why must you feel this stylish? Hey, it must be the Money Wallet! This slick benjamin-covered wallet is the perfect flashy accessory for fly guys and girls alike. Made of vegan-friendly materials, with plenty of pockets for all your money and cards, this wallet is perfect for big-spenders and jet-setters - so make sure to bust it out on your next night out.
Loaded! $100 Bill Wallet

Bacon Wallet 
Put some hip into your hip pocket with one of these whimsical wallets

Air Mail Par Avion – Mighty Wallet

Cassette Tape Wallet

 Retro wallets hand-made from cassette tapes as every 'cassette wallet' is hand made,
each design is a one-off. once its gone its gone!

3 Ring Binder Mighty Wallet

  • Made of durable, long lasting Tyvek
  • Recylcable and eco-friendly
  • 2Inerior pockets for cash and slots for cards
  • Measures approximately 8 x 3 x 1/8 in (open)
Tyvek 3 Ring Binder Mighty Billfold Wallet

Dynomighty Design Men’s NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallet

Apple keyboard wallet

 Crossword wallet
DIY Wallets 100% vinyl
Measures 4”x4.5” folded. ID and credit card slots, as well as a deep slot for cash/left overs.
NES Controller Duct TapeWallet

Here is another fun Nintendo themed accessory, almost as cool as  NES Controller iPhone case, the NES Controller Duct Tape Wallet.This fun duct tape wallet is made by Etsy seller upsidedownfrown, and is exactly like the tons of other duct tape wallets we have seen before.

Recycled Newspaper Bi Fold Wallets 

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