Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 10 Flip --flops

Why we flip for these shoes

But just what is it that makes these simple shoes so special? "It's because they are extremely comfortable and very affordable," says Cela Weiner, owner of Sylene of Washington, who carries a line of very stylish and trendy flip flops. She also pegs their versatility as another big bonus. "You can change the feel of your outfit for under $25 if you want. They're a great way to show your individuality and fashion sense."

Keep your feet cool with a pair of these funky flip-flops

1.Muji -Muji’s flip-flops manage to be both understated and inexpensive as well as very cool. Available in a variety of different colour combinations, including this pair in khaki and white. 

 2.Topshop - Forget Barbie pink: this raspberry colour is more subtle and looks great on pale and tanned skin alike. Cheap but chic, these flip-flops will pep up your holiday wardrobe. 

 3.Michael Kors -Black patent might be a bit dressy for the beach, but it?s just the thing if you?re spending summer in the city. I like the funky, chunky plastic-chain details and the single toe-loops.

 4.Giuseppe Zanotti -More St-Tropez than Brighton, these flip-flops are unashamedly elegant. Dripping in bling and finished in silver, they will take you from beach to bar and back to the yacht.

 5.Musa - If the gladiator-sandal trend leaves you cold but you fancy sporting some kind of strappy shoe this summer, these handmade, silver nappa-leather flip-flops are very pretty. 

 6.Havaianas -These Brazilian flip-flops are by far the most comfortable I have ever worn. They come in in a vast array of colours and patterns, they never rub and they last for ages.

 I have this one :)

7.Faith -Not strictly flip-flops, but these purple rope thong sandals are pretty minimalist. Perfect worn with a flowing maxidress for that hippie vibe, but also look good with jeans. 

 8.Calvin Klein - Acid brights and interesting straps lift these flip-flops from average to awesome. Because of the strong, clashing colours, they?ll look best worn with a bit of a tan. 

 9.Hush Puppies - Sturdy and comfortable, these Hush Puppies may be on the sensible side but they also look rather lovely. Available in a range of hues, they will even stand up to long holiday walks. 

 10.Clarks -With their striking black-and-white bubble pattern, these flip-flops have an op-art feel. They?d look stylish with wide-legged jeans or a pencil skirt, and just as good in the evening.

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